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Posted on: March 24, 2008 1:06 am

Hate the Team You Love?

Ever watch your favorite team play and not be able to stand them? This is how I feel every time I watch the Cardinals. I'll say it, I hate Tony LaRussa, I hated Edmonds and Rolen, I couldn't stand Ray Lankford or J.D. Drew when he was here. Matt Morris drove me insane, and Chris Duncan makes me want to walk on the field and slap him so hard his eye bleeds. I wish the Cards would go back to the good days of Whitey Ball. Slap out base hits, steal some bases, pull a squeeze play with 2 strikes, and play stellar defense. We were last in baseball last year in stolen bases and attempts. Our fielding percentage was less that stellar, and our manager didn't seem to care. This style works for some if you can make up for it with pitching and power, but the Cards can't. We have a perfect managerial candidate coaching 3rd base for us. Hey Dewitt, get rid of Tony, have Jose Oquendo manage, and bring in Ozzie Smith to take his place. Go back to the days when St. Louis baseball had a distinct style.
Also, does TLR get along with anyone. He told Ozzie Smith he wasn't welcome in the stadium as long as he was manager, he drove away fan favorite Scott Rolen, and now he is "feuding" with top prospect Colby Rasmus. Can't he grow up, he's 63 now, show some maturity. I understand that Rolen isn't exactly the biggest people person, and Rasmus is only 20 and the next big thing, but seriously, I've got friends in high school that act more mature than him. If I hadn't been born a Cardinals fan, I would hate the Cardinals, and probably like the Cubs. But I was born a St. Louis boy, and I shall always love my St. Louis teams.
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